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Critical Illness Insurance

It is a living benefit that insures YOU!  This Insurance pays out a tax-free lump sum payment if you get diagnosed with any of the critical illnesses covered.  The funds provided in case you suffer one of the diseases listed above are available flexible to spend however you consider helping you during your recovery process, medical and non-medical expenses, you choose.

There are different critical illness insurance products, that can be adapted to your reality and your budget. You have two options: You can choose comprehensive coverage that covers over 24 critical illnesses or a more affordable option, that covers the most common illnesses like: Heart Attack, Stroke or Cancer.

When should you consider Critical Illness?

·       If you don’t have disability insurance

·       If you live in Canada and travel to receive care

·       If you have dependent children

·       If you are the main breadwinner of your family

Answer a few questions and, depending on your health, you could be easily accepted. In most cases, you will not have to take medical exams. This policy can be structured in a way that you get all your money back if you do not make a claim, worth asking one of Expert Advisors.  It’s simple to apply. 

Did you know?  1 in 3 women and 1 in 2.5 men will develop cancer in their lifetime. Canadians have one of the highest rates of MS in the world.

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